• We all have the right to write. Anything we can say, we can write.
  • We all can write well if we are emotionally involved in our topic and our purpose. We find our voices there. Writing is learning and discovering. It develops best in real-life situations, with the instructor intervening in the writing process.
  • We learn to read by having written. We learn from our experiences, including experiences with oral and written texts. We should expose ourselves to many texts, and often do free-choice reading.
  • We learn best in collaborative, diverse, and supportive communities. We all learn in our own ways, and our home cultures affect how we interpret our experiences.
  • Moving through the writing process can produce powerful writing. We gain more ownership over our writing if we master the writing process.
  • Writing is a strong tool for developing critical thinking. Challenging our thinking as we write in collaborative settings, develops academic language proficiency.
  • We teach equitably:  not less, but more to the poor. We recognize our children's home communities and ancestral cultures as our educational partners.
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Funding Partners

As a public charity, the Sentinel English Language Institute (SELI) cannot operate without the donations of individuals and organizations. We are very grateful to the many people who have, in these difficult economic times, made $25, $50, $100 and $300 gifts to SELI to carry out its programs such as those whose sponsorship of the International Mother Language Day event in 2012 have made it possible to carry out Five Writing Lessons.

The Seli River Writing Project has been awarded grants from

  • The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Midland, MI,
  • Friends of Sierra Leone (FOSL),
  • Edward Davies & Associates Ltd., Consulting Engineers,
  • The MacEwan Global Education Fund of Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton,
  • The International Reading Association (IRA), 
  • The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, and
  • The Public Affairs Office of the United States Embassy in Freetown.

Two nonprofit organizations in the U.K., Kids' City and the Childhood Foundation, contributed monies which individuals in the communities they serve donated to SELI.   We thank the donors for their support for education in Sierra Leone.

Collaborative Partners

SELI works with Sierra Leone PEN, the country chapter of International PEN.  With PEN, SELI shares interests in seeing Sierra Leone's literature blossom, in  encouraging students to write their independent thoughts through writing clubs in schools, and in encouraging the development of nonfiction and creative writing in each and every language in Sierra Leone. One of the ways we collaborate is on the PEN Translation and Linguistic Rights Committee (TLRC).

SELI and Badenya, Inc. share a committment to the benefits of community rural schools. The models are still evolving, but they enhance growth for both the students and the community.

SELI is pleased to be a member of the LWOL steering committee, also known as the Opportunity Schools Project, and Reading Sierra Leone, of which CODE Canada and the International Rescue Committee are implementers.  Read more about this project.




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